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●MEET YOUR NEW DINOSAUR FRIEND: This plush dino isn’t just adorable to look at. It’s also a talkback toy, meaning that it can repeat what you say to it. Make this sweet little dino say “hi,” “I love you,” and anything else you can think of. ●MULTIPLE AUDIO EFFECTS: Aside from its talkback feature, this brontosaurus dinosaur toy can play two different musical tunes (dinosaur concert, anyone?) and also make roaring noises. Don’t worry - the roars aren’t scary to toddlers and young kids. ●This remote control dinosaur toy can toddle up and down your living room as it talks and plays music, making it a cute and fun playmate for your child. Plus, the included remote control allows you to control it from anywhere in the room. ●This RC dinosaur toy is full of love and ready for hugs. It’s stitched from soft gray fabric with a shimmery scale pattern -