About Einstein's Attic


Einstein's Attic is a specialty toy store. We have a large selection of the latest and greatest educational toys at Internet prices! Gift wrap is always complimentary. If you've seen something in a catalog- chances are, we have it in stock! We carry an assortment of BABY gifts. From the traditional to the trendy, we have something for every new baby. Visit us for any Holiday - we have a little something sure to bring a smile. Specialty gift wrapping is complimentary. Prepare to be WOWED!!

In-Store Pop up

I always say how lucky we are to have a store in such a talented community like Northport

Einstein's Attic believes in the potential of kids/tweens/teens/ adults and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at any age.

If your child or you have a book, product or a skill he/she would like to sell/showcase we are thrilled to support them!

What's the catch ? Is there a charge ?

You are welcome to keep 100% of the profits - there is NO charge to participate. We suggest that you donate a % of the profits to the charity of your choice. 

If this sounds of interest to you - please call the store to set a date to pop up. We are looking forward to introducing our customers to your creative products.

(631) 261-7564