New England Charm at Einstein's Attic: The Rylee + Cru Capsule Collection

New England Charm at Einstein's Attic: The Rylee + Cru Capsule Collection

New England Charm at Einstein's Attic: The Rylee + Cru Capsule Collection 79 Main Street, Northport & 267 Main Street, Huntington


Nestled in the heart of Northport and Huntington, NY, Einstein’s Attic has long been a haven for families, a treasure trove of unique toys, books, and children’s clothing. On a particularly beautiful May morning, the beloved store buzzed with anticipation. Today marked the launch of a special New England capsule collection by the renowned children's clothing brand, Rylee + Cru.


The store had been meticulously prepared for the event. The windows displayed a charming, nautical theme, complete with miniature lighthouses, seashells, and sailboats. The new collection, inspired by the picturesque landscapes and cozy, timeless style of New England, took center stage in the store. Warm, muted tones of navy, mustard, and forest green dominated the palette, with hints of cream and dusty rose adding a soft, delicate touch.


As the doors opened, families trickled in, greeted by the friendly staff. Children and parents alike marveled at the beautifully arranged displays, each piece of clothing telling its own story.


The Rylee + Cru New England capsule collection featured a variety of pieces designed to capture the essence of the East Coast. The collection included playful, nautical-themed prints featuring anchors, sailboats, lobsters and whales , bringing a whimsical touch to the classic styles.


"Rylee + Cru has always been about creating clothing that captures the magic of childhood," she said. "This New England capsule collection is particularly special because it brings together the timeless charm of coastal living with the comfort and quality that parents have come to expect from the brand."


Einstein’s Attic had also set up a photo booth, complete with nautical props and a backdrop of a quaint New England harbor. Families took turns posing, creating lasting memories of the day. The store had even arranged for a professional photographer to capture candid moments, ensuring everyone would have beautiful keepsakes to remember the launch.


As the day progressed, the store remained abuzz with excitement. The combination of the new collection, the festive atmosphere, and the thoughtfully planned activities created a truly special experience for everyone involved. By the afternoon, the racks that had been filled with the New England capsule collection were noticeably lighter, a testament to the success of the event.


Parents chatted with staff, sharing their appreciation for the quality and design of the Rylee + Cru pieces. Many expressed their delight at finding clothing that not only looked beautiful but was also comfortable and practical for their children. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many parents already planning their next visit to Einstein’s Attic.


As the sun began to set, casting a warm, golden glow through the store windows, owner, Lori Badanes  gathered the staff for a final thank you to the guests. "We are so grateful to have such a wonderful community," she said, her voice filled with genuine warmth. "Thank you for supporting Einstein’s Attic and for making this launch a success. We hope you and your children enjoy these beautiful clothes as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you."


With the event winding down, families began to make their way home, their arms filled with bags of new clothes and their hearts filled with happy memories. The children skipped out of the store, their laughter echoing down the street.


Inside Einstein’s Attic, the staff began to tidy up, their spirits high from the day’s success. The launch of the Rylee + Cru New England capsule collection had been a triumph, bringing together the community in a celebration of style, quality, and the magic of childhood. And as the doors closed on this memorable day, everyone knew that Einstein’s Attic had once again created an experience that would be cherished by all who attended and the good news was, there were plenty more pieces available to still shop.

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