June 8, 2024 Jellycat Bartholomew Bear’s Birthday Party at Einstein’s Attic - 79 Main Street, Northport & 267 Main Street, Huntington

June 8, 2024 Jellycat Bartholomew Bear’s Birthday Party at Einstein’s Attic - 79 Main Street, Northport & 267 Main Street, Huntington

Celebrating Jellycat Bartholomew Bear's Birthday in Einstein’s Attic on June 8, 2024  
79 Main Street, Northport, NY & 267 Main Street, Huntington, NY


June 8th is a special day at Einstein’s Attic, the beloved toy store nestled in the heart of Northport and Huntington, NY. The shop, known for its whimsical displays and wide array of toys, will be  bustling with excitement. Today, they were celebrating the birthday of a very special Jellycat: Bartholomew Bear.


By June 8, The staff will have spent days preparing for the event. The store will be filled with festive decorations, featuring banners that read "Happy Birthday, Bartholomew!" in bright, cheerful letters. Balloons in jellycat shades of turquoise, orange, white and Bartholomew beige.


As Children and their families begin to arrive, the atmosphere will be electric with excitement as they enter the store, greeted by the friendly staff who handed out bear-shaped stickers. The centerpiece of the celebration is Bartholomew Bear himself, seated regally on a special chair at the front of the store, wearing a special birthday hat.


The first activity of the day is a craft station. Here, families will find materials to make their own Bartholomew bear ears headbands with Bartholomew offering encouraging pats and nods of approval. Once the headbands are made, the children are invited to wear their headbands for the teddy bear tea party. A serving table has been set up with a delicate tea set and an assortment of treats. Giggles and cheerful chatter will fill the air as the tea party gets underway.


No birthday party at Einstein’s Attic would be complete without games.  "Guess the Gummy Bears". The children gather  excitedly around a large, clear bear shaped jar filled to the brim with colorful gummy bears, each one eager to play the "Guess the Gummy Bears" game. Each child will take turns peering intently into the jar, their faces scrunched up in concentration as they try to estimate the number of gummy bears inside. We expect the atmosphere to be filled with anticipation as the final guesses are made, and the children eagerly awaited the big reveal at 6pm to see who would take home the coveted jar of gummy bears. They will receive a congratulations email from Einstein’s Attic and alert to pick up their prize at one of our 2 locations 79 Main Street, Northport & 267 Main Street, Huntington.


The children darted from shelf to shelf, picking up and hugging various Jellycats, each more delightful than the last. They consulted their families, laughing and sharing their favorites, as they carefully select and purchase the perfect plush companion to take home.


As the day progresses, it will be  time for the highlight of the celebration: Everyone in the store gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Bartholomew Bear!


As the last rays of sunlight stream through the store’s windows, and the guests began to gather their things, make their final purchases and head home. Bartholomew, now a little tired but very happy, will watch his friends depart. Hoping each child will give him a gentle hug and wish him a happy birthday before leaving, promising to come back next year for another grand celebration.


The staff will stay behind to help clean up. As they gather the remaining decorations and contact the winner of the Gummy Bears, they won’t  help but smile. The day will have been a huge success, filled with joy, laughter, and love. Bartholomew’s birthday will have brought together friends old and new, creating memories that would last a lifetime.


With the store closed, now quiet and peaceful, Bartholomew carefully will be placed back into his special display. Owner, Lori Badanes will whisper a soft, "Happy birthday, Bartholomew," before turning off the lights. Bartholomew, surrounded by his fellow toys, will rest and dream of the wonderful Birthday he has shared with his friends. Thank you for coming !





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