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Elf On The Shelf Elf, Book, and Keepsake Box

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How does Santa know who's naughty or nice? Simple: "The Elf On The Shelf"® keeps an eye on things and reports directly to the big guy. She perches upright on a mantel or shelf and monitors behavior; if your elf is not on-site, it could mean that it's at the North Pole filing a report - most likely it'll find a different vantage point when it returns! Great fun for the holiday season, and a neat way to remind young ones that ''Santa is watching.'' Each gift set comes with a North Pole pixie elf, a hardbound children's book, and a keepsake box. Your elf can be specially named and registered online to receive an official adoption certificate and letter from Santa! Imported.

  • Includes North Pole pixie elf, storybook and keepsake box
  • Elf perches upright on a mantel or shelf
  • Register elf online to receive adoption certificate and letter from Santa
  • #1 national bestseller