Unlocking Early Learning Potential: Montessori Toys for Babies through their First Year

Unlocking Early Learning Potential: Montessori Toys for Babies through their First Year

Unlocking Early Learning Potential: Montessori Toys for Babies through their First Year.

Before I list the best Montessori toys, we should discuss what makes a toy a Montessori toy. A Montessori toy is one that promotes engagement and learning a certain developmental skill rather than just entertainment and/or a distraction. We like to say, Montessori toys do not require batteries.

Montessori style toys include fine motor skills like stackers and threading toys, musical instruments, artwork and practical life activities like button and zipper boards or pretend play.

Are Montessori Toys Always Wooden?

No, despite the myth, Montessori toys don’t have to be wooden!

Maria Montessori suggested that toys be made from attractive natural materials, which is why wood is often the material of choice.

The important feature of Montessori toys isn’t what they are made from, but more the characteristics talked about above that define a Montessori toy.

Wooden toys are great because they are beautiful, timeless, feel great and are usually weighted.

0+ Month (Infant)- 12+ Month (Toddler)Toys

While infants and babies won’t be using as many toys as a toddler, it is still essential to have them playing with toys for proper development.

In the 6+ month - 1 year stage, babies will really start to become alert and curious about the world around them.

A character of Montessori toys for babies and toddlers is that they also only focus on one skill or concept at a time. And now the moment you’ve been waiting for… Einstein’s Attic - Our List of Top Montessori Toys. We will identify the concept or skill in each description.

Black and White Pictured Books

Reading to a child at any age, especially newborns is beneficial for their development! These black and white pictured books are best for infants as they can see black, white and grey when they are born. The high contrast of black and white images are easier for a baby to see and are said to help increase their concentration skills, attending span and what you might not know, help their optic nerve to grow.

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Gym or Mobile

Baby mobiles (or play gyms) are great for baby’s visual development. Additionally, having your baby reach, grasp, turn and kick for hanging items will help with hand-eye coordination including fine and gross motor skills. In a Montessori setting you will usually see a simple baby play gym, often made from wood (but not necessary).



Rattles are more than just entertainment for the baby, as they can teach babies visual tracking (with the parent moving it from left to right in front of the baby’s face), help with fine motor skills and grasp reflex. Infant rattles can be made of all different materials. We love wood, organic cotton knit and silicone.

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Soft & Textured Balls

Soft balls can be a great sensory item for babies as they grasp and squeeze them in their little hands. Some have divided sections similar to a peeled orange making them easier to hold. Balls will help develop their hand-eye coordination, tracking, and transferring the ball from one hand to the other. Balls are also a great way to encourage movement in tummy time, as the baby will push and roll the ball and try and reach for it. We love a ball with texture- nubby, crinkly and fuzzy fun.

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Musical Instruments

It’s never too early to introduce musical instruments, and babies love noisemakers like maracas and tambourines. Besides building fine and gross motor skills by picking up and shaking the musical instruments, studies have shown that musical instruments create more pathways in the brain and speed up brain development.

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At Einstein’s Attic, we understand that every child is different. As your baby matures and grows, watching your baby, observation,  plays the largest role in knowing which Montessori toys your child is ready for.  Einstein’s Attic is always here to help.

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