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Einstein's Attic Northport

Robotics Workshop

Robotics Workshop

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Build and program robots with this complete robotics engineering system!

Using sensors, motors, a core controller, hundreds of snap-together parts, and a detailed 96-page instruction manual, kids get to assemble 12 astonishing robots, and even invent all kinds of their own.

Start with the basics by learning how the sensors can be used to control the robots.

Build an ultrasound robot that can avoid obstacles, a line tracker robot, a touch sensor robot, and a doodling robot.

Move on to more complex robots that have multiple functions, such as a ball-manipulating robot, a crawling robot, and a grabbing robot before finally testing your skills with functional, helpful robots including an automated door-opener and a protected robotic safe.

You'll be a true robotics master by the time you complete the last one! - Then, ready to get creative? - Why not try building and programming your OWN amazing robotic creations?

The robots can be controlled directly in real-time or programmed to perform a series of commands using the easy-to-use, free downloadable app on tablets and smartphones.

The app wirelessly connects to the core controller using a Bluetooth low energy connection - Or, you can create more complex programs by connecting direction to a PC with the USB cord and using the open source visual block programming editor Google Blockly.

It's real life, fully function computer engineering made easier and more intuitive than ever!

The world is waiting for the next big advancement in robotics technology. Wrap your brain around the tools you need to make it happen with the enlightening and FUN Robotics Workshop.

Robotics Workshop

  • Construction kit for building and programming 12 high-tech robots
  • Encourages visual-spatial skills, logic, critical-thinking, creativity
  • Wrap your brain around the basics of real robotics programming!
  • Build robots using sensors, motors, core controller, hundreds of snap-together parts, detailed 96-page instruction manual
  • Start with robots controlled by simple sensors
  • Move on to more complex, multiple-function robots - ball-manipulating robot, crawling robot, grabbing robot
  • Test your skills with functional helpful robots - Automated door-opener, protected robotic safe
  • Try inventing and programming your own custom robots!
  • Robots can be controlled directly in real-time or programmed to perform a series of commands using free downloadable app
  • App wirelessly connects to core controller using Bluetooth
  • Create more complex programs using Google Blockly on a PC with a direct USB connection to the core controller
  • Includes 252 construction parts
  • Requires 6 AA batteries - Not included
  • App requires a tablet or smartphone running iOS or Android - Tablet/smartphone not included
  • Highly detailed, 96-page instruction manual included
  • High quality design and materials for exceptional building and exploring experience, lasting durability

    Robotic Components:
  • Ultrasound Sensor:
    Your robot’s eyes! The ultrasonic sensor helps your robots gauge distances and determine where objects are. Using the core controller, the ultrasonic sensor is able to detect an object and measure its proximity. Technically it works like a sonar system: a sound is sent out and received again when it bounces off obstacles.

  • Light Sensor:
    Detect light intensity! The light sensor assists in helping your robot to “see.” It enables your robot to distinguish between light and dark, as well as determine the light intensity in a room or the light intensity of different colors. This makes it possible to program your robot to follow a black line.

  • Touch Sensor:
    Your robot’s fingers! The touch sensor measures information arising from physical contact with objects, enabling your robotic creation to “feel” things in front of it! The sensor can detect single or multiple button presses, and reports back to the core controller, which decides what to do according to the program. The kit includes two touch sensors.

  • Servo Motor:
    Take precise steps! The servo motor has a built-in rotation sensor that measures speed and distance and reports back to the core controller. This allows your robot to take precise steps with complete motor control! The kit includes two servo motors.

  • Regular Motor:
    Drive your robots! The motor brings motion to your robots: Connect the motor to gears, wheels, and other pieces to move your robots in many ways. The kit includes two regular motors.

  • Core Controller:
    Your robot’s brain! The core controller features a Bluetooth connection to tablets and smartphones and a USB connection to a PC. You can download programs from your devices to the core controller.

  • Speaker:
    Your robot’s voice! The loudspeaker integrated into the core controller is your robot’s mouth or voice. You can design what sounds you want your robot to make and when.

  • Sound Sensor:
    Your robot’s ears! There is a microphone on the core controller that can detect sounds. You can program your robot to react accordingly. So if you clap your hands once, it can mean one thing, and it you clap twice, it can mean a different thing. The sound sensor is able to measure noise levels around 3–6 kHz, where the human ear is most sensitive.

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