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Nintendo® Mario Kart™ Racers Single Figure Assortment

Nintendo® Mario Kart™ Racers Single Figure Assortment

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Introducing Nintendo® Mario Kart™ Racers - Race Anywhere You Want!

Fuel the excitement with the Nintendo® Mario Kart Racers. With push-to-play action, kids can race their favorite characters on iconic karts from the Mario Kart franchise. Collect Mario in Kart, Luigi in Kart, Shy Guy in Kart, and Yoshi in Mach 8 for an exhilarating racing experience.

Key Features:

  • THRILLING MARIO KART RACING: Offer your customers the thrill of Mario Kart races, even when they're on the go.
  • ICONIC CART AND CHARACTERS: Collect Mario, Luigi, Shy Guy, and Yoshi, each paired with their distinctive karts.
  • PUSH-TO-PLAY ACTION: The easy-to-use push-action adds an interactive element to the racing experience.
  • ENCOURAGES COLLECTING: The customers' excitement in collecting all the characters and karts will greatly increase the potential for sales.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS: The push-action and size make these racers accessible and enjoyable for kids of all ages.
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