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Sports American Ninja Warrior 4-in-1 Ultimate Water Obstacle Set

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  • Convenient: Easy Break down
  • Portable storage: take it anywhere!
  • Versatile: Use as a jump through hoop, swim through hoop, or dive through hoop.
  • Versatile Water feature: Use around the hoop or as a finish line with your obstacle course set
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Our versatile set has the ability to be a jump through hoop, dive through pool ring, and swim through pool ring. This is the perfect addition to your existing American Ninja Warrior obstacle course set or can be just as fun on its own. Our hoop can be used with a stand and with or without the water feature. Add sand to your hoop to adjust the floating depth and use it as a swim through ring. Easy break down and portability allows you to take your hoop anywhere- to the park, a friends house, the pool, or the lake.