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YETI LED Color Changing Light

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Kids are often scared of the dark. Finding a great nightlight is a balance of functionality and fun. The Yeti Color Changing Light is a great mix of both: lighting the way for late-night journeys while bringing in the yeti element. Made to add fun decoration to a dresser or desk, this Yeti won't melt when you turn on his light; it just does its job in the dark.

The Yeti Color Changing Night Light features an adorable yeti to light the way, crafted into a nightlight that is more than just a light. It also softly changes into 3 colors. During the day, it's just a cute yeti to have sitting out; at night it lights the way with a rainbow spectrum of colors. At just 4.5 inches tall, the yeti night light does require batteries but what yeti doesn't?

Yeti Color Changing Night Light Features:

  • Material: LED, Phthalates-Free PVC
  • Packaging: Color Window Box
  • Size: 4"L x 2.75"W x 4.5"H
  • Takes 3 x AG13 Batteries, (not included)