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World's Smallest Hot Wheels Stunt Action Set

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Set the track incline angle on your World's Smallest Hot Wheels Stunt Action Set so you'll have enough speed for the loop!

Kids have been growing up with Hot Wheels since 1968. Now you can defy gravity with the world famous Hot Wheels loop, but in a miniaturized version. Our speedy World's Smallest Stunt Action Loop features the most recognizable Hot Wheels track of all time, the loop track!

Set up the tracks for the best incline to generate enough speed to make it around the loop! Can you do it? Challenge your friends, family and co-workers to see who can master the course. The set includes one World's Smallest Hot Wheels Car, Stunt Action Loop, track and connectors.

  • 1 Green Car
  • 3 Joiners
  • 1 Dare Devil Loop
  • 1 Clamp
  • 4 straight Tracks
  • Instruction Sheet

Buy more than one and attach together! (Show with other World's Smallest How Wheels that are not currently available.)

One Tiny Hot Wheels car included, Iconic speed track and loop.  It's just like before, only smaller! Recommended ages 8 and up.