Vortex Bank

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Vortex Bank is a desktop version of the popular coin collectors that have mesmerized generations of children.

Place your coin on the attached ramp and watch as it uses centrifugal force to seemingly defy gravity. Instead of falling straight down, the coin spirals around the hourglass-shaped Vortex with increasing velocity before being deposited into the bottom half of the bank. You can drop one coin at a time or add a sofa’s worth of loose change to create a tornado of currency.

Soon after getting Vortex, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your loose coins; you’ll know you already used every cent you could get your hands on to create a fascinating demonstration.

  • Watch your coin travel round and round the walls of the Vortex - defying gravity - until it drops into the Mason jar
  • Saving loose change just got a lot more interesting
  • Attaches to any standard Mason jar for insta-piggy bank
  • Mason jar not included