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Uh-Oh Hippo

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The Big Idea
Feed the need for fun with Uh-Oh Hippo!, the hilarious ''what did Hugo the Hippo eat?'' memory game for preschoolers. Place the munchies inside of Hugo's mouth for feeding time and see if you can remember what he ate. Then close his mouth-when it opens again, one piece is missing! Do you remember what it is? Shout it out loud and press on Gary, the bird on Hugo's tail, to see what pops out in this adorable memory game.

Psst...They're Learning!

  • Encourages memorization and visual recognition
  • Teaches social skills and turn taking

Cut to the Chase

  • This munchy memory game encourages memory recognition and matching skills
  • A matching game made with preschoolers in mind
  • Includes hippo with open-and-close mouth action and 18 munchies
  • No reading required for game play