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Smart lab

Tiny Circuits!

Tiny Circuits!

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Big Science, Tiny Tools! Introducing the latest from Smart Lab Toys from their Tiny Kit series; shockingly small electronic lab! Get amped up about electricity! Wire up electronic gadgets and games to discover hair-raising truths about circuits and computers. The tiny chip in your mini microprocessor module holds all the computing power you need to build 20 electrifying projects. It's real-but itsy-bitsy circuit science that you can take everywhere!

Included Microprocessor, Battery Pack, 2 Push Buttons, 7 Wires, Foldout Electronic manual with Instructions, Explanations, and Activities - all tucked away in a 3.5" wide by 5" kit. 20 Powerfully Fun Activities so wire up those circuits that glow, display patterns and make music! Play fast-paced electronic games with lights and sounds and learn about persistence of vision, series and parallel circuits, and how a microprocessor works.

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