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Tie Dye Socks & Laces Kit

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Rock your socks & laces with this Tie Dye Socks & Laces Kit. Learn how to tie dye, make a bold statement, and create the coolest looking socks and laces ever! This kit comes with a pair of socks, a pair of laces, 3 colors of dye, rubber bands, a pair of non-latex gloves and easy to follow instructions. Parents will love the fact that the dye is premeasured in the capped squeeze bottles, just add water and you are ready to unleash the artistic beast! Using the easy-to-follow instructions and the inspiration guide, the finished product will have people saying, "Wow, where did you get those!". A super fab gift for all fashionistas! Ages 8 and up.  (7.5" L x 1.5" W x 11.0" H)