Storm Watcher Weather Lab

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Challenge Your WEATHERMAN!
Storm Watcher Weather Lab is our NEW and IMPROVED all-in-one weather monitoring kit for
the budding meteorologist. The weather lab base
lets kids conduct experiments involving wind speed, wind direction, temperature, rainfall, the water cycle, evaporation, the greenhouse effect, acid rain, and more. The 32-page book gives kids a thorough understanding of what causes local weather—and how it relates to climate change. They’ll also discover the causes and effects of extreme weather, lightning, weather fronts, greenhouse gases, and more. A cloud identification chart and weather tracker ideas will have kids challenging their local weatherman for the most accurate predictions!
• Rain Gauge
• Compass
• Weather Vane
• Anemometer
• Outdoor Thermometer/Hygrometer
• Base Station for Instruments
• Lab Station
for Experiments
• Large Test Tube
• Cloud Identification Chart
• 32-page Illustrated Activity book