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Sparkling Squishy Unicorn Soap

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Get squeaky clean with your Sparkling Unicorn Squishy Soaps! Create trendy colorful soaps that are squishy to the touch as you learn the science behind soap making with 5 fun shapes including a pizza, a smiley face and a donut! Experiment with soap making as you combine the included ingredients to create a moldable dough and shape it as you please. Creative templates are included to help get you started. Unleash your creativity with color mixing as you use mica powders and glitter to create tie-dye or color-blocking designs that sparkle. Experience sudsy fun as you wet and squeeze your unique soap formations.  Recommended for ages 6 and up.


  • Customize your own soap creations as you learn the science behind soap making
  • Explore cool design techniques as you layer colorful mica powders and glitter for a shimmery rainbow effect
  • Mold your compounds into 5 trendy molds including a unicorn, doughnut, heart, pizza, and smiley face
  • Enhance your soaps with sweet-smelling fruity scents that are included, or mix together to create your own original scent
  • Fun introduction into d.i.y. beauty activities