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Slinky Dog

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Slinky Dog: Waddling Out of the '50s Straight Into Kids' Hearts

It’s the exact same adorable dachsund you remember from your youth, with a stretchy metal Slinky® for a midsection. Now it’s time for this timeless tail-wagging plastic pull toy to enchant a new generation with his wide-eyed expression and wobbly gait. Arrives in a 1950s-style package, ready to “heel” his way into your heart.

  • Get all sentimental and nostalgic over the toy that's wobbled adorably after generations of toddlers
  • Same construction you fondly remember – sturdy and colorful plastic with a springy Slinky® mid-section and tail
  • 1950s-inspired package makes this pull-toy pup a perfect gift
  • Ages 18 months+