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Matching Mother Daughter Bracelets

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This is a beautiful set of matching mother/daughter beaded bracelets. These make a perfect gift for a mama and daughter duo, or any ladies who want to show their special connection. Matching with your little is always fun, and these dainty bracelets make dressing up even more special! This listing is for a set of matching mother/daughter delicate beaded bracelets. This set of matching mother and daughter bracelets are made with rose quartz or aquamarine gemstones, 18k gold plated beads and a white bead with a gold heart and then strung together with a strong elastic cord. In these weird and crazy times, it can be hard to feel connected with family and friends if we are separated by distance or by a quarantine. These simple little bracelets can help your little ones feel connected to their loved ones. Length: Mama bracelet is made to a standard 7 inches; Mini Bracelet is made to a standard 5.5 inches (ages 4-8).