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Repositionable, write-on/wipe-off Wall USA or World Map

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Repositionable, write-on/wipe-off Wall Maps make beautiful and interactive decor, providing a place to note your travel wish list and keep track of where you've been.  Each map includes just the right amount of up-to-date detail, and is color-coded in subtle, appealing palettes by continent or by state.  

Suitable for children and adults, for the office and the home, these vinyl wall maps are easy to display -- just peel off the backing and stick on a wall, then peel off and move as needed.

Maps display essential geographic features, from rivers and mountains to cities and islands.

Record where you've been and make a travel wish list with this write-on/wipe-off wall map!

Just peel off the backing and stick on a wall.

Repositionable! Peel off and move as needed.

Subtle, appealing colors.

Suitable for adults or children.

Great for home, school, and office.

Includes basic, up-to-date detail.

Includes essential features, from cities and rivers to mountains and islands.

36 inches wide by 24 inches high.

Cartography by David Lindroth Inc.