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Raspberry Skipper By Just Jump It

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Just jump it presents an affordable toy for agility, balance, and coordination. hook it on your ankle, start the ball swinging around your foot and get hopping! Outside exercise & fun: our colorful rendition of the classic skipper is a fast-paced game that quickly improves timing and rhythm. Perfect for recess, the gym, or in the backyard. easy to grab and go for busy kids: a semi-rigid sleeve on the ankle loop lowers friction and makes it easier for kids to put the toy on and use. easily fits boys & girls of different sizes & ages. agility, balance & coordination: all come together beautifully in this colorful outdoor toy. Great for obstacle training, children's birthday activities & lawn sports. Made with your child in mind: our toys and sporting goods are modernized versions of popular, best-selling classics, with improved safety and play functionality. Older kids and adults enjoy them too. Not eligible for online resale.