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MotoBOT.4 brings robotics to life for your young engineer. Build
and rebuild over and over again. 4 Builds total. There's the Bug,
creeping you out with all 6 legs. The Truck, it's transmission keeps
things rolling. The biped Tumbler makes you giggle. The angry
Robot - what's his deal? The answer must be in the gears.
Project builds give young learners the opportunity to read
and follow assembly plans, troubleshoot problems and derive
satisfaction from a job well done, while developing fine motor skills
needed for mechanics, engineering, art and surgery.
MotoBOT.4 requires 1 AA battery, a phillips head screwdriver and
diagonal cutters (not included).
• Over 60 parts.
• Build it yourself.
• 4 projects.
• Models vary in size, Robot is 2" L / 2" W / 2.5"H