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Monster Jam, Mystery Mudders, Official Die-Cast Monster Truck,

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Uncover what the mystery is with the official Monster Jam 1:64 scale Mystery Mudder die-cast toy truck. Wash to reveal the detailed graphics for your favorite Monster Jam trucks. Which one will you get? With official BKT tires and authentic chassis, these fierce little monster trucks embody the style and swagger of their real-life counterparts! Add over 100+ versions to your collection (each sold separately) to become the Monster Jam leader with your friends. Enjoy the high-octane fun with other Monster Jam trucks and playsets, bringing the fun wherever you go. Monster Jam toys like remote control car and trucks are the perfect gifts as girl and boy toys, ages 3 and up. Reveal and ride your Monster Jam trucks to the max with Mystery Mudders! Ready, set MONSTER JAM!