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Mechanical Coding Robot

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The mechanical coding wheel is the heart of Mech-5 Mechanical
Coding Robot. Coding is executed effortlessly by snapping the
coding buttons onto the coding wheel directing your robot to
perform its basic functions – move forward, backward, right or left,
spin or pause. Thanks to this simple to follow approach, coding and
performing more challenging tasks like throwing, lifting, kicking or
drawing, become achievable as the user’s coding skills increase.
This mission-based, entry level STEM coding robot is designed to
inspire users to learn about mechanical engineering principles and
coding basics. It encourages children to think while also developing
their problem-solving and troubleshooting skills when faced with
different tasks and difficulties. Engage in the coding world and
beyond by challenging yourself with your very first coding robot.
• Over 220 parts.
• Unplugged, no need for computer or app. Great toy
to get the kids off the screen!
• Build it yourself.
• Manual includes 5 suggested activities.
• Dimensions: 8" H.
• Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included).