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Magna+Tiles Free Style 40 Piece

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  • This magnetic building set features 40 Magna-Tiles pieces in colorless ICE colors and dual toned “x” pieces which vary in blue, purple, green and orange translucent colors.
  • Included in this Magna-Tiles Set are the standard shapes (16 small squares, 4 equilateral triangles, and 6 right triangles).
  • In addition to classic squares with ceramic magnets along the sides, this magnetic building set comes with 12 NEW “x” shape pieces containing 9 neodymium magnets that move around in each compartment. These new pieces allow children to overlap tiles or build perpendicular off the center! Try adding magnetic numbers, letters, or any small refrigerator magnet to the center of the “x” shapes for hands on learning.
  • All Magna-Tiles include safe, durable tiles made with food-grade ABS (BPA FREE) plastic free of phthalates and latex. In addition to safe plastic and secure magnets- all Magna-Tiles rivets are made of lead-free stainless steel making it all around a safe toy to bring home.
  • For younger children, playing with Magna-Tiles allows them to explore their colors, helps them recognize and sort shapes and understand patterns. As children get older, Magna-Tiles aid in improving critical thinking skills, problem solving, dramatic play and creativity —all without realizing how much they are learning.
  • Magna-Tiles allow children to explore STEAM subjects through the power of play especially when incorporating other open-ended toys.
  • This magnetic building set is a great supplement to any Magna-Tiles collection. These building tiles will entertain children (and adults) for an extended period of time.
  • Magna-Tiles are specially designed to be fun and frustration free for little hands. Play experience is for ages 3 years +.