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Science Geyser Tube

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Create A Jaw-Dropping Soda Geyser Without Getting Wet!

One of the most famous products for science classes is the Geyser Tube™. If you have tried to drop a Mentos candy into a bottle of soda without it, you probably got soaked, and maybe even missed the entire geyser. With this gadget, you will be sure to get the perfect launch while staying clean and dryA "and see the Mentos and soda reaction for yourself every time.

The Geyser Tube™ attaches to any plastic two-liter soda bottle. (Diet soda works best because it does not leave the sugary, sticky mess behind). Secure the trigger pin, then load the Mentos into the tube. Once you have locked the pressurizing nozzle in place, pull the pin and clear the area! When the Mentos drops, the soda geyser will shoot as high as 30 feet.

What makes this Geyser Tube™ better than all the rest is the trigger mechanism. The double-pull pin action gives you time to move out of the way and ensures a tight seal for the best buildup of pressure. Activate one geyser at a time or multiples all at once. Compare and contrast different brands and types of soda, as well as other variables and conditions. Plastic bottle of soda required, but not included.