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Finger Paint DIY Kit // a fun do it yourself art kit- plant based, non-toxic, all natural, and organic!

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Make your own PLANT BASED, naturally colored, non-toxic, organic finger paint with this DIY kit - perfect for all ages including preschoolers and homeschoolers--Want to let your kids have the sensory experience of finger paint but don't want them playing with all the chemicals? I don't blame you, me either! Junebug Essentials has a new line of products and it's for the kids (but really it's for the adults too). Made with mostly organic ingredients and only NATURAL plant based colorants you can feel safe playing with! This kit contains everything you need to make finger paint in 6 different colors of magenta, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple(or indigo) - NATURALLY. There is no toxic colorant or micas. Each color is made from plants. All you need is water and bowl for mixing! Each packet of "paint powder" will make enough for four different uses per color. This would be approximately 8oz of made paint for each color. It also includes step by step instructions and was made to be as simple as possible so even young kids could help make their own finger paint. This kit comes in a perfect size box ready for gifting or storing! This finger paint can be made in whatever consistency you like. You will have best results with a thicker weight of paper like cardstock or watercolor paper as it is water based. My kids thoroughly enjoy this and I hope yours do too!