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DIY Kitty Wind Chimel

DIY Kitty Wind Chimel

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Kitty is a chime cat to build: bells, wooden beads, and illustrated cones are strung on the waxed cotton threads that attach to the supplied stand. When you move the threads, the Kitty sparkles and jingles sweetly.

• Lovely glitter finish.
• The step-by-step process detailed in the instructions assists the child in his or her creation.

Contents: 1 illustrated perforated tray, 8 cones, 1 assortment of colored wooden beads, 5 waxed cotton threads, 5 bells, 1 sheet of stickers, 1 instruction leaflet.
Measurements: 7.09" x 15.75"
Designed by: Caroline Faup, France
Recommended for ages 5 years +

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