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Disney Sweet Seams

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Bring the magical World of Disney to life through imagination and storytelling with Disney Sweet Seams!

Each story in a box playset embodies a specialty look and feel with homemade, unique handcrafted-inspired details of your favorite Disney characters you know and love.

These whimsical "rag doll" style 6-inch soft Dolls are truly special with homespun elements woven throughout!From their hand painted-inspired features, classic yarn hairstyle, elongated dangling arms and legs with knotted limbs and iconic Disney character outfits.

Surprise and delight! Peel away the outer sleeve to discover a story in a box! Slide-out the vessel to reveal a soft Doll, Accessories, and Stickers to customize and decorate!

  • Find the hidden compartments to reveal surprises.
  • Set up the sleeve packaging as a backdrop scene for additional imaginative play.
  • Hours of storytelling play!
  • There are 12 of your favorite Sweet Seams Disney Characters to discover and collect!
  • Disney Sweet Seams - stitched with love!

What's Inside: 1 x 6" Soft Rag Doll (with Hair), 1 x Soft Goods Character Specific Outfit, 1 x Chair, 1 x Brush, 1 x Statue of Prince Eric, 1 x Sticker Sheet, 1 x Sleeve with iconic character scene, 1x Vanity with surprise compartment.