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Dinosaur Gift Basket

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included in this Gift Basket 
hardcover book - The Colorful World of Dinosaurs
full of color. Gorgeous watercolors accompany surprising, little-known, and fun-to-tell facts about dinosaur behavior, habits, and appearance, bringing these prehistoric creatures to life in a new way. This fascinating book will delight dinosaur fans, young and old.

set of 6 
Beeswax Dinosaur Egg Crayons
Although dinosaurs disappeared from Earth 66 million years ago, these new egg-shaped beeswax crayons are a colorful fantasy and sure to stimulate the imagination of young artists. Six, vividly colored crayons in a post consumer recycled egg carton are included in this set.
Dinosaur sand shovel 

Makes digging fun and easy!

    • Develop your child’s sense of activity and love for the outdoors with this dinosaur shaped sand digger.
    • Use the head to scoop the sand, or bury the head and have your child dig to find 
  • Your gift will arrive gift wrapped together in a high quality cellophane bag adorned with a beautiful ribbon.