Crazy Aaron’s Trendsetter Putty

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Leave Earth’s atmosphere and blast off to a new galaxy! Use the heat of your hands to transform your Thinking Putty from deep space blue, to ultraviolet purple
and then to cosmic pink. Stretch and pull your way into IntergalacticTM space and create infinite galaxies.
Vibrant colors change as you play Flecks shine and shimmer like the stars

Did you know that a dinosaur’s scaly skin was actually very soft and pliable? Just like Thinking Putty! Live the lost world adventure and stretch out Dino Scales to see green scales and pops of color move back and forth within the clear putty.
Prehistoric colors never blend together
A great gift for Dinosaur and nature lovers



All hands on deck! Time to set sail and take a journey through the Seven SeasTM! Stretch and squish your way through the ocean waves and explore the wild ocean life below.
Sea life pieces float in this clear-blue putty Great for playing with other small toys

Rainbows make everything better! With every twist, pull and stretch, uncover a sparkling band of colors in your very hands.
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Mesmerizing appearance
Catches sunlight and explodes with rainbow color
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Mysterious eyes peeking out of the darkness? Fear not. This monster’s multitude of colorful eyes will shine through the magical glow.
Bright color with eye-popping look
Glows in the dark with a look that's hard to take your eyes off of