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Weather and Climate experiments kit uses 23 fun weather science projects to teach kids about the state of the Earth's atmosphere. Discover how fun science can be with your own kid-friendly weather station!

Build a model of Earth and use it to conduct a variety of DIY science experiments! Use these weather activities as supplemental learning or to support your lesson plans:

  • Learn all about the global wind system (wind speed, wind vane, etc.); 
  • Trace air currents (from cold air to hot air) and recreate ocean currents;
  • Discover how Earth's rotation, revolution, and position to the sun influence daily and seasonal weather patterns;
  • Explore the water cycle;
  • Model Earth’s heat reservoirs, thermals, and both global and local winds;
  • Experiment to discover if/how temperature is impacted by carbon dioxide levels;
  • Make a barometer; 
  • Set up a rain gauge for a rainy day (used to collect and measure the amount of liquid from rain drops in a specific area during thunderstorms, etc.);
  • Learn all about clouds, humidity, and precipitation;
  • and more fun activities!

Conduct countless science experiments for kids with this Weather and Climate experiment kit from Thames & Kosmos. This kit includes more than 20 pieces, along with a full-color, 48-page science experiment manual. All you need to provide are a few common household items, like scissors, glue, and salt.