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Game Camera Roll Game - Use The Photos on Your Phone to Win

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  • CAMERA ROLL: Will you have the winning camera roll? Camera Roll is your reason to show off that cute selfie you took 6 months ago! Just find a photo that connects to a subject card.
  • GREAT GAMEPLAY: Everyone who finds a photo gets a point. Score bonus points for being first, or if your photo matches the subject or phrase best! For 3 or more players ages 12 years old and up.
  • DETAILS: Camera Roll is the game of your pictures, using cards like “Accidental Selfie” and “But First, Coffee” to get the game going. This game comes with 288 Subject and Search Up cards.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA GAME: You don't have that picture? That's ok, use the “Search Up” cards in the game that allow players to search up photos or videos from Instagram, TikTok, and other social media sites