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Bounce Lettering

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What is Bounce Lettering? Bounce
Galaxy Lettering
• Letter - Draw - Blend
• Everything you need to create some
“out-of-this-world” hand lettering! • Learn the basics of watercolor lettering with shimmery water
soluble art crayons for fun Galaxy
themed projects • Case pack: 4
Enchanted Forest
• “Creativity is magical! And this kit
will provide you with both!”
• Draw - Color - Letter
• Bringing cottage-core to art, learn the
basics on how to illustrate enchanted
forest characters
• Be in the magic and get lost in the
enchanted forest coloring pages and
step by step instructions • Case pack: 4
NEW 2023
lettering is a style of lettering where you buck the norm of writing in
a straight line. Instead, you add some variation to the position of the letters, giving them the appearance of bouncing. This style is whimsical, fun, and packed full of personality!