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Blue 8Ft Jump Rope - Confetti By Just Jump It

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Unplug and go play simple, classic toys offering hours of enjoyment for young and old. jumping rope is a timeless, classic favorite. sing, chant, jump, and laugh with no batteries required! solid weight & feel for comfort: our ropes make that satisfying thump on the downswing, like playground ropes from recess you remember! they won't hurt if you miss like a beaded or plastic rope can. our high-quality ropes: are made with exacting specifications so they have optimal pliability & durability. knotted instead of handled, they fit jumpers of different sizes without cutting & retying. agility, balance, & coordination: all come together beautifully in this colorful version of the classic plain rope. jumping rope improves cardiovascular health too! safe materials and construction with your child in mind: using superior materials and improved features, our toys are all modernized versions of proven classics, with better safety and functionality.